We are excited you stopped by to look at our collection of fun rhyming stories and middle-grade mysteries… The BROOKE LYNN Adventures and The BROOKE LYNN Mysteries series.

The BROOKE LYNN Adventures is an award-winning series starring Brooke Lynn, a curious girl with a vivid imagination. All five beautifully illustrated books encourage being Kind, Brave, Inclusive, and Positive while Brooke Lynn navigates through life’s first experiences. The vibrant watercolor artwork by Corrina Holyoake helps stimulate the senses while poetic verses tickle any child’s imagination. The stories have been known to capture many Early Readers. Add one or all five to your child’s bookshelf today! All books are available in three FORMATS: eBook, Paperback & Hardcover.

“It was an honor to be included in the January 2020 and 2021 ‘Local Author Showcase’ at the San Diego Central Public Library downtown. Presented with a Certificate of Achievement, it’s been a dream of mine to one day have my books in a Library, and… voila! Dream big!”

Toby A. Williams | Author

Barnes & Noble

La Mesa CA

Local Author Signing – Nov 2019
Local Author Signing – Jan 2020

Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 9-12)

The BROOKE LYNN Mysteries, Book 1 in the series, stars Brooke Lynn as a blossoming and thriving pre-teen. She’s curious… very curious about a new housing development being built in their sleepy town and could threaten the hiking and bike trails by Oak Grove Park. She calls on her crime-solving pal Mike to explore when the two kids stumble upon a mysterious item, a red-stained hidden shoe in a vacant building. Why is it there? What is the stain? And more importantly, who does it belong to, and are they OK? A new mystery unfolds for these two sleuths and The Case of the HIDDEN SHOE begins…

This cozy, exciting mystery will have any middle schooler guessing until the end! Available in three FORMATS: eBook, Paperback & Hardcover.

Book 2 of The BROOKE LYNN Mysteries spotlights the crime-stopping pre-teen duo once again… Brooke Lynn and her sidekick, Mike in their latest investigation, The Case of the SMASHED WINDOW. With the town’s hyped-up Chili Cookoff looming and a big cleanup day planned – which Brooke Lynn is helping organize – will the 2-K Team discover who broke their neighbor’s window in time? With unsettled friendships mounting, Brooke Lynn starts questioning everyone — even her buddy, Mike, and her very own BFF Susie! This middle-grade mystery will keep you on your toes until the last pages! Available in three FORMATS: eBook, Paperback & Hardcover.

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