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The BROOKE LYNN Adventures series (Ages 0-8) introduces sweet Brooke Lynn as the main character. She is a curious, thoughtful yet adventurous young girl. Her vivid imagination allows her to believe in sweet ladybugs, endless big oceans, new friendships, being responsible for a new puppy, and asking Santa Claus to help her sick friend. This endearing series emphasizes being brave, kind, positive, inclusive of others, and never giving up. Brooke Lynn, by maintaining a positive attitude, perseveres through difficult tasks thereby creating a sense of accomplishment and confidence. The vibrant illustrations accompany the story and entice Early Readers! Story Monsters Approved!



The BROOKE LYNN Mysteries series (Ages 9-12) views Brooke Lynn as a pre-teen filled with in-betweener angst and pivotal relationships. Albeit a smidge older, the STAR of award-winning children’s books, Brooke Lynn has teamed up with her pal Mikey, or Mike as he now likes to be called. As a middle-grader, Brooke Lynn has become curious about a new housing development being built in her sleepy town. Rumors spread about the new homeowners and sightings of celebrities. This is the perfect chance for her, and crime-busting pal Mike, to explore. Scoping out the development, the two kids stumble upon a mysterious item, a red-stained shoe hidden within a building. Why is it there? What is the stain? And, most importantly, who does it belong to, and are they OK? A new mystery awaits the two sleuths and The Case of the Hidden Shoe begins…

But it’s not just the housing development that is making Brooke Lynn curious. Mike has changed, her best friend Susie seems different, and her parents are getting strict! Yikes! Will she be able to get to the bottom of not only the hidden shoe but also the changes in her life?

“This cozy, exciting mystery, full of pre-teen angst, will have you guessing until the end.”

Clockwise: Toby A. Williams, Author * Corrina Holyoake, Illustrator * Susan Campion, Editor of The Brooke Lynn Adventures Series * Lor Bingham, Calico Editing Services, Editor of The Brooke Lynn Mysteries Series.

Author Toby A. Williams, born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire, currently resides in the San Diego area of Southern California with her best friend who also happens to be her husband of many years. Although writing for personal enjoyment for several years, her niece and great-nieces inspired her to write her first children’s book, My Lil’ Ladybug Friend. In 2018, a dear friend prodded and gently nudged Author Williams into publishing the story. She enjoys golf, travel, helping in the community, and of course, reading and writing. Her favorite place to write… the dining room table. Her favorite place to read… anywhere in the warm sunshine.

Illustrator Corrina Holyoake is a children’s illustrator, artist, and writer based at the seaside resort, Bognor Regis, in the south of England. She has had a love for painting and writing from an early age and always wanted to do something creative when she grew up. This love of art continued into adulthood through many different mediums and creative ventures. After taking a sabbatical to raise her family and subsequent difficult loss within her family, Corrina was guided to dust off the paintbrushes through the healing process. Illustrator for all five books in The BROOKE LYNN Adventures and Cover Designer for The BROOKE LYNN Mysteries, her creativity has brought many authors’ books to life across the globe. Highly recommend, visit ArtyPeace.com.

Editor Susan Campion is an author and poet. She teaches all forms of poetry online but specializes in short Japanese poetry forms. Susan received her Ed.D. from the University of Washington, taught middle school, and served as a middle school Principal. As the Editor for The BROOKE LYNN Adventures, a five-book series, she has a poetic gift and enjoys mentoring new writers in several genres while watching their craft develop. Susan currently resides in the San Diego area of Southern California with her loving husband of many years. Highly recommend, referrals only.

Editor Lor Bingham of Calico Editing Services provided the much-needed professionalism and keen guidance through the entire editing process for The BROOKE LYNN Mysteries, Books 1 & 2. Lor’s dedication to offering sound advice, along with her vast experience (and kind steering) made the story development process that much simpler. She is a true blessing as a writing coach and I feel fortunate to have worked with her on my book projects. Thankful and Grateful! Highly recommend, visit @calico_lor.

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