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Not sure about anyone else but I tend to exude a brighter attitude with a bit of pep in my step as the new year begins. Maybe it’s psychological knowing there are loads of days ahead to accomplish a few projects. Or better yet, perhaps it is the feeling of unburdening thoughts from yesteryear… out with the old, in with the new kind of scenario. Last year was a mix of bitter-sweet happenings so I was ready to turn the calendar over. No matter how I skid in on a more positive note, I’ve noticed a zippy, breezy newfound zest in my mindset.

So, what have I been up to over the holidays? Instead of taking pen to paper, I veered away from any WIP by consuming a handful of entertaining books. From historical romance to suspenseful mysteries, and of course, children’s literature, the variation of my TBR list offers a diversity of content to tingle-tangle my imagination. But when this lil’ cutie was delivered to my home over the holidays, well, all I could say was Eek! Read on…

Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

EEK! My Ink! by Raven Howell, Illustrated by Anke Rappan

EEK! My Ink! by Raven Howell, Illustrated by Anke Rappen

Inspiring creativity in a bright world! Well, yeah! At a glance, what a playful, delightful cover — it pops! And just like a child’s, my peepers turned wide-eyed within seconds. I had a sneaky suspicion based on award-winning Author Howell’s previous rhyming books and poetry that this would be another winner!

In this whimsy, lyrical story with spurts of energetic curiosity and desires, children will feel encouraged by the artwork throughout. Filled with vibrant colorful hues of spills, splatters, sprays, and even sprinkled spots depicting one-of-a-kind artsy creations, watch the face of a child light up while admiring the unique inky images. Where nothing is perfect, yet everything is absolutely just right! Artist Rappan’s synergy with the author’s clever verses is sure to inspire a swirling imagination with each turn of the page. When the kiddos give it a whirl, they might just giggle at their brilliant masterpieces. Now that’s a sense of accomplishment… the fun crafty kind! Five-Star review. Great for any read-along or in conjunction with a painting activity for all young children.

Note: There are no spoilers and I was not paid to write this review. This is a simple no-nonsense perspective of my reading experience.

Photo Contest Corner

Results from the previous photo challenge: Oct | Nov | Dec #2022picoftheweek… I got a BINGO! How fun!

Check out my posts on Saturdays with the story behind each snapshot on Instagram @thebrookelynnadventures or @tobyawilliams.

New contest for Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr #2023picoftheweek with the first Saturday post indicated below. Excellent that it went to four months vs three… new prompts, and more time to get a Bingo!

THEME | Your Sky | On a rather bleak and blustery day, the stark atmosphere prompted a stir inside me. As I pulled my collar up around my neck, I stared up toward the clouds. My eyes followed the gray masses moving at a rapid pace. It was then that I spied a single crow perched high up in a bare tree. Long gone were the leaves or any sign of life except this lone dark creature. I didn’t shoot this photo in black and white, but it did appear reminiscent of an old eery flick ala Alfred Hitchcock. And I believe, at that moment, the view and the sky belonged to the crow. It’s your sky, blackbird, all yours.

Note: I am not affiliated, only a participant, with the above-referenced photo challenge created by @ofmariaantonia.

Gratitude Granules

One of my close girlfriends presented a 90-day challenge to a group of us at a recent Christmas get-together. When she handed out the gifted journals, we were then asked if this was something we’d entertain for the new year? Simply put, we’d have to be accountable regarding our progress once a week via zoom. I gladly accepted. I mean, I’m always game for growth in improving my well-being, especially through a positive attitude, and strengthening self-awareness. I will keep you posted as to my stick-to-itiveness of the challenge. Heck, I might even gain some insightful messages to pass along.

If you follow me on my Instagram @thebrookelynnadventures or @tobyawilliams, you may have seen a sampling of my food-for-thought quotes already. It lets me know how my head is screwed on for the day!

Christmas Snippets 2022

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    1. Yes, I am very well and have been enjoying other projects in lieu of writing, well other than the newsletter. I hope to get the keys on the laptop clicking away once again this year. Reading, golf (in between raindrops), and hanging out with hubs seem to be the norm of late. January is always a s-l-o-w moving month for me. I’ll send an email soon with updates. Happy 2023 to you too, dear Cat. : ~) Chat soon.

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