Blog – December 2022

Joy to the World

| Santa Claus is coming to town… little Brooke Lynn can’t wait until St. Nick comes down the chimney. Even her mom got in the spirit by baking fresh cookies and setting out a glass of milk just for one jolly bearded friend! What a joyful tradition to read My Lil’ Santa Visit during the holidays. Let kindness jingle a few bells around every grateful heart just like it has for Brooke Lynn.

Excerpt from My Lil’ Santa Visit

Soon Santa winked with his wide grin,

“Let’s see your list,” he rubbed his chin.

I watched him read, “So, you would like-

for Mike, good health, and you, a bike?”

“A bike to visit so he’ll see,

 he’s not alone, and friends are we.”

I then said, “Santa, beyond wealth,

I wish him strength and better health.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our hearth to yours.

Brooke Lynn and our team wish everyone a joyous sugar plum season. Have a splendid time with family and friends… deck the halls, dance with Santa, sparkle under the mistletoe, and may the holidays overflow with catch-your-breath moments. Cozy cheers to all!

-Toby A. Williams, author of The BROOKE LYNN Adventures and Mysteries

Published by Toby A. Williams | Author

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Toby and Brooke Lynn! Rosie

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