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Fall Foliage

| An array of scintillating, vivid leaves in their last phase of existence harkens a mellow mood, almost an image of loss. But there is no despair in a leaf’s life. Cascading leaves are an expression of an eventual rejuvenation beneath the guise of the cool Fall months. While I stared at this image, I was struck with inspiration to write a short story, Whispering Leaves, referencing the autumn foliage. You see, the abundance of distinctive hues in the pigment worked its law of attraction on me. So, if the leaves could spout a story, I think the whimsical tale from the dried organic matter might sound playful and light.

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Whispering Leaves | By Toby A. Williams

Rejoice, for we are as eye-catching and fragrant as our sweet blossom friends. Our fresh musty odor ascends from the dampened mossy earth as a subtle invitation to our autumn jubilee. Rustle a pile together, then send adrift to dance in lofty play. Listen in silence to catch our whispers in the stinging breeze. The murmur is the assurance that our trusty bark-encrusted fortress shall weather many mighty storms. The main taproot at the core now rests beneath a blanket of our fallen. When the supple spurts of foliage lay upon each aging limb, a glistening light will signify the dawn. Step in nearer to the swaying low bough with tenderfoot and ogle at the beauty of our petite petals springing anew. Soon, we shall flutter and flit, then rejoice again.

(Minor) Pet Peeve | Foliage (fo-li-age, /fol(e)ij/), and the mispronunciation of same. Remember the ‘i’ in the middle. Let me know if you have this pet peeve too. #postiveandpithy

Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

All is Bright by Clay Anderson

Yes indeed, another brilliant children’s story by bestselling author Clay Anderson. Based on his previous heartfelt picture book, This I Know, a highly acclaimed treasure, I had a sneaking suspicion his new literary work would be another winner and I wasn’t disappointed!

My initial reaction to the endearing and vibrant cover drew an excited smile. As I read on, the fluidity of the illustrations consistent throughout the story confirmed my exuberance as a bit of warm nostalgia set in. Oh, the carols we sang each year! The terrific working relationship between collaborators is quite apparent. The talented illustrator, Natalie Merheb, not only enhanced the biblical depiction of the holy night but made it easier to follow along with the smoothly penned lyrical tale. The familiar verses from the classic Silent Night are subtly dispersed among the poetic lines.

A divine message unfolds when the journey proves almost too difficult for Mary and Joseph. Guided by shepherds, the holy spirit, and the stars above, the weary travelers trudge with purpose toward the bustling town ahead. Upon entering the town of Bethlehem, there lays hope that the din of day will settle into silent night. They pray for shelter and are overcome when kindness is extended by one villager. For on this night, God has shown them that all is calm all is bright as they await the birth of baby Jesus.

The lyrics to Silent Night are included in the back of All is Bright and may start a new Christmas tradition for you and yours just like the author’s family. A feel-good Christian story I highly recommend for children of all ages!

Note: There are no spoilers and I was not paid to write this review. This is a simple perspective of my reading experience.

Photo Challenge Corner

PREVIOUS CHALLENGE – July / August / September (BINGO!)

I did it! Got a Bingo on the diagonal, plus a few extra posts. Creative expression and interpretation of art, no matter the shape or form. The mystery to me… what I see isn’t necessarily what others view. It’s baffling at times! Yet as my mind’s eye interprets what I’m admiring, the photo lens along with the back story conveys my imaginative interpretation.

JUL / AUG / SEP Contest Themes

NEW CHALLENGE – October / November / December

#2022picoftheweek – the behind-the-snapshot description is indicated in each post. My utter shutter fun can be found on my Instagram account @thebrookelynnadventures.

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Note: I am a participant only and not affiliated with the photo challenge created by @ofmariaantonia.

Early Shoppers | Gift Idea

What reviewers are saying about My Lil’ Santa Visit

A Must Read * My Lil’ Santa VisitThis book is great for families… or teachers on days when they read a story to students in class or online. Bring some Brooke Lynn into the lives of everyone. Five Golden stars! -Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

What a sweet and wonderful book, just in time for the holidays. My Lil’ Santa Visit (The BROOKE LYNN Adventures Book 5)” by Toby A. Williams, illustrator, Corrina Holyoake, and editor, Susan Campion did a beautiful job with this tale… I highly recommend this story for young readers to enjoy. There are even some special treats in the back of the book that will bring them further joy. –Rosie Russell, author, illustrator, blogger

The true meaning of Christmas is a fun rhyming story for young readers. An enjoyable Christmas tale to snuggle up and enjoy with the young kids in your life. -Kinsman Bookworm Gang

My Lil’ Santa Visit features the holiday time adventures of Brooke Lynn, while visions of sugar plums danced in her head as she worked to get the message of sharing to all. A very important and sweet message with adorable illustrations. -Kid Reader

Happy frolicking Fall to you all! There’s no trick… it’s been a treat sharing our newsletter with you today.

Fall Flowers | Photo by Toby A. Williams

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