Blog – January 2022


The Case of the SMASHED WINDOW

(Book 2, The BROOKE LYNN Mysteries)

By Toby A. Williams

| This gripping middle-grade novel is packed with deception, tension, and intrigue… you’ll be kept guessing until the very end!

Brooke Lynn and Mike, the crime-solving 2-K Team have a new case to crack. When a well-respected neighbor’s window gets smashed, the duo is called to help. With the town’s hyped-up Chili Cookoff looming, a big cleanup day planned – which Brooke Lynn is helping organize – and more vandalism occurring around town, the pressure is ON!

As the two sleuths work to solve the case, tensions arise and Brooke Lynn finds herself questioning everyone – even her crime-fighting buddy himself and her very own BFF Susie! With unsettled friendships and mounting conflicts, will Brooke Lynn be able to weave her way through these complicated emotions, restore relationships and solve The Case of the Smashed Window in time for the Chili Cookoff? Mystery and manipulation… a suspenseful combination for curious middle schoolers.  Available in three versions: eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover.

Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by to spend time with us for a little bit.

Published by Toby A. Williams | Author

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